We were lucky enough to have Claire Potter, poet, visit our school on Thursday. A select group were invited to work with Claire in workshop. Here’s one of the poems, written by Samira.

The Bridge’s Morning View

I come across on my travels, a bridge.

I wonder what there is to see from here.

So I climb on top of the banister,

Oh look what I can see!

Buildings, ships of all shapes and sizes,

Towers, parks and temples too.

And as I look up at the sky,

I really just can’t believe my eyes.

No smoke in the air, just beauty everywhere.

Gradient shades of pink and yellow.

As the sun wakes up from its sleep,

Bright glittering sparks scatter from its beams.

A sight so touching in its majesty,

I wish my family could come and see.



The prize was open to all sixth-form students. The task was to write a short poem on the theme of ‘vision’. Natalie Whittaker, published poet and newly appointed member of the English department, judged the competition. She selected Tabby Podger’s entry as the winning piece.


Written on your tongue

And told behind your eyes,

Feel it in your ears,

Soundwaves on your skin.

A blind man would not taste this cold

Dumb creatures listen dumbly.

A language so ancient and old

That many forgot its beauty.

With silk in your eyes,

Whispers on your hands,

Leaves on your tongue

And bark in your blood

The blind man sees the forest.

Tabby Podger